artist, cultural critic, editor, publisher 

resident: New York City; Vienna, Austria.
member: International Council on Museums.

1973 to the present: Publisher, The Orange Press,.
1998 to the present: Editor, WOID, a journal of visual language.

LANGUAGES: French (Fluent Speaker and Writer); German (Competent Reader and
Speaker); Latin (Competent Reader); Working knowledge of Italian, Classical Greek, Yiddish, Occitan.

PhD in ART HISTORY, City University of New York, February 1998.
MPhil in ART HISTORY, City University of New York, February 1995.
BA (MEDIEVAL STUDIES), Sarah Lawrence College, December 1973.
HIGH SCHOOL CLASSICAL STUDIES, Latin, Greek, European History; French Literature Lyçée Henri IV, Paris (1962-65).

INFORMAL STUDIES, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of English, 1978-1979 (Paleography); Art Students League, 1970-72 (Drawing, Printmaking); School of Visual Art, 2009 (Digital Design).

1995 to the present: Free-lance gallery lecturer and tour guide, New York City.
1995 – 2014: Early Modernist Art, History of Drawing, School of Visual Arts, NYC.
1996 - 2012: Early Modernist Art, Modern Art, Medieval Art, Cross-Cultural Studies. NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies
1995-2004: Independent lecturer under contract, Guggenheim Museum, NYC,
1983–1996: Nineteenth Century Art, Medieval Art and Culture, New School for Social Research, Humanities Department.
1992-1997: Modern Art, European Art, American Art, Islamic Art, New York City Technical College.
1989-1991: Modern Art, Art History Survey, Fashion Institute of Technology.
1984-1997: Introductory Courses in Art and Art History, City University of New York.
1989: Nineteenth Century Art (1993), Twentieth Century Art: SUNY Stony Brook.
1984-1989: Art History Survey, Calligraphy I & II, Color & Design, Drawing I, Mercy College (Dobbs Ferry, Bronx, and New York State Correctional facilities).
1984 to 1997: Introductory Courses, (Bronx Community College, 1997; John Jay College, York College: 1994; Brooklyn College: 1993; Fordham College: 1992; College of Staten Island: 1989; Mercy College: 1986-1988).

1992, 1993: Medieval Art and Culture, SUNY Stony Brook.

WORKSHOPS in Medieval Art Techniques and Calligraphy
1975 to the present:Columbia University, New York University, Stony Brook University, University of Pennsylvania, Barnard College, Cooper Union, Philadelphia College of Art, Harcum Junior College, PA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Brooklyn Public Library, Honolulu Academy of Art, Hui No'eau, Maui, Nashville Centennial Club, TN, The Calhoun School, NYC, Main Line Center for the Arts, PA, Main Line Synagogue, PA, Congregation Or Ami, PA, Cheltenham Township Evening School, PA, Broad Street YM/YWHA, Philadelphia, University City Arts League Philadelphia, Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadelphia, Haverford Elementary Schools, PA, Cheltenham Elementary Schools, PA, Maho Bay, US VI, Rockland Center for the Arts, NY, School for Practical Philosophy, NYC, Los Angeles Society for Calligraphy, Oregon Book Arts Guild, Southern Oregon Calligraphy Guild, Ashland, Calligrapher's Ink, Society of Scribes, Washington Calligraphers' Guild, Philadelphia Calligraphy Society, New Haven Calligraphers' Guild, Island Scribes, etc.

2017: “Paul Werner” [Interview]. H-France Salon Vol. 9 (2017), Issue 17, #35.
2014: Endnote speaker, IIIrd Seminar on Museum Information, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil.
          Panel Discussant, "Museus, Cultura e Sociedade," Museu Belas Artes São Paulo.
          Guest speaker, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.
2013: Lecture: "Admission Free; Donation Expected." Fridman Gallery, NYC.
          Lecture: "La Culture et la crise." Alliance Française, Greenwich, CT.
2012: Lecture: "Art & Capital." Brecht Forum, New York.
          Lecture: "Occupy Paris." Alliance Française, Greenwich, CT.
2009: Book presentation and lecture: Musée et Cie.: Globalisation de la culture. Librairie Tekhnê, Paris, France.
          Book Presentation and discussion, Museo S.p.A. La globalizzazione della cultura. Academia di Brera, Milan, Italy.
          Book Presentation and discussion, Museo S.p.A. with Anna Mattiroli, (Director, MAXXI Museo d'Arte Contemporaneo di Roma ); Galleria Oredaria, Rome, Italy.
          Book presentation, Museo S.p.A. Libreria Feltrinelli, Milan, Italy.
          “Styles of Radical Quill.” 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI.
2007: "Liberté, Egalité, Génitalité." Congrès Wilhelm Reich, Paris, France.
          Interview, ABC Radio National, Australia.
          Interview, “Monday Morning After,” Radio CKUT, 90.3 FM, Montreal.
          Book presentation and discussion, Zeke’s Gallery, Montreal.
2006: "Working the floor: Pimps, prostitutes and museums," Lecture and discussion with Martha Rosler, Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Columbia University.
         "Museum, Inc: Inside the Global Art World." Reading, Bluestockings Bookstore, NYC.
         ”What can artists learn from the Middle Ages?” Honolulu Academy of Art.
         ”What can artists learn from the Middle Ages?” Hui No'eau, Maui.
2004: "Katherina l’Africaine ou les ruses du dessin,” Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France.
2002: "The Making of a Medieval Manuscript." Centennial Club, Nashville, TN.
2001: "Rediscovering Medieval Manuscript Techniques." Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Evanston, ILL.
2000: "1900: Writing as Image." Guggenheim Museum, NYC.
          “La Calligraphie aux USA,” XXXVIe Salon du Dessin, Paris, France.
             1999: “Writing Surrealist Writing,” Guggenheim Museum, NYC.
1998: “Chinese Art at the Guggenheim Museum.” C. W. Post College, NY.
           “Chinese Art at the Guggenheim Museum.” Mamaroneck Adult Education Center, NY.
           “Before Impressionism, Peninsula Public Library, Lawrence, LI
           “Chaïm Soutine.” Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA.
           “The Three ‘Rs:’ Rococo, Revolution, Romanticism,” Peninsula Public Library, NY.
1997: “The ABCs of Drawing.” Guggenheim Museum, NYC.
          “Insider’s Art” Guggenheim Museum, NYC.
          “The Classical Body.” School of Visual Arts, NYC.
1996: ”Invisible Liberty.” College Art Association, NYC.
          “Animals in European Art.” School of Visual Arts, NYC.
1995: "The Body and the City," Guggenheim Museum, NYC.
          “The Shock of the Old” Guggenheim Museum, NYC.
          “Brother Other: Blacks and the Image of Civil Rights in the French Revolution.” Socialist Scholar’s Conference, Borough of Manhattan College, NYC. April 7,8,9.
1994: "The Crisis of Classicism" and "Art and Politics in the Nineteenth Century" Christie's NY.
1989: "David's Brutus: the Ideology of Recognition." American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, New Orleans.
1987: "Illegible Writing." Ward Nasse Gallery, NYC.
1973: "Ya-Trang and the Magic Pearl." People's Center for Peace and Justice, Ossining, New York.

2018: A Memoir of May for the Next Revolution. The Orange Press
2014: Jump Jim Corot. Cash, class and Culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Orange Press
2011: The Red Museum. Art, economics and the ends of capital. The Orange Press
2009: Muséee et cie : Globalisation de la Culture. Paris : L’Harmattan.
          Museo S.p.A. La globalizzazione della cultura. Milan: Johan & Levi.
2006: Museum Inc: Inside the Global Art World. Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press.
2003: La Préparation du Parchemin. Histoire et techniques. New York: The Orange Press.
1999: Vellum Preparation. History and Technique. New York: The Orange Press.
        : Dragonsblood and Ashes: The Beta Version. New York: The Orange Press.
1998: David’s Basket. Art and Activism in the French Revolution. Doctoral Dissertation, City University of New York.
1973: Ya-Trang and the Magic Pearl. A Vietnamese Folk-Tale. New York: The Orange Press.

PUBLICATIONS – Chapters and Articles
2018  “Young Dorothy Burlingham.’” Freud / Tiffany and the Best Possible School, ed. Elizabeth Ann Danto. London: Routledge.
2017: “Teaching Schonberg to Vienna's Workers. ‘Can the Workers learn to relate to Contemporary Music?’” Freud Tiffany and the Best Possible School, ed. Elizabeth Ann Danto and Alexandra Steiner. Exhibition Catalog, Freud Museum, London (May 10 through July 17, 2017): pp. 38-43.
2016: “Propaganda by the Dweeb (One More Effort, if you wish to be Truly Global!)” Proceedings of the IIIrd Seminar on Museum Information, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil.
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2004: Voice (Online Journal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts): “American Gleichschaltung.”
2003: NY Arts: Nov/Dec. “Winners and Losers”
        : Hlynur Hallsson. Catalog Entry, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik.
2000: "Keith Haring: The SVA Years: 1978-1980" &
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       : "J. A. Szirmai, 'The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding" (Review). Journal of the Early Book Society, III, 2000.
       : "Reading the Real" & "James Castle." ArticleMagazine 3 (Spring 2000).
1992: "Preface" Jerry Tresser, The Technique of Raised Gilding. Michelle Jordan.
1989: "The Latin American Conundrum" (review), In These Times.
1988: Erwin Regler (catalogue), Kana Gallery, Berlin.
        : Robert White (catalogue), SUNY Stony Brook Gallery of the Fine Arts Center.
1987: Editorial Assistant, Art Criticism.
1985: Calligraphy Idea Exchange. Contributor and Contributing Editor: "Dragon's Blood and Ashes" (regular column on Medieval techniques), "Gold and Lilies" (column on Medieval books), art and book reviews, full-length essays.

2015: “'56. Artists and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.” Balassi Institute, Hungarian Cultural Center, NYC (Group Invitational).
2006: “Szobrászok-Sculptors.” 2b Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Group Invitational).
2003: “Mr. Fourier’s Neighborhood” (Solo show), U-Salon, New York City.
2000: “Art under the Bridge,” Dumbo, Brooklyn (Studio show).
       :  XXXVIe Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’Eau, Paris, France (Group show).
1999: Donnell Library, New York (Group invitational).
        : “Writing as a Visual Art” (Solo show), NYC Technical College, New York.
        : “The Men’s Room” (Group show), Chatham, NY.
        : Faculty Show, Bronx Community College (Group show).
1996: Printed Matter, NYC: CROSSINGS (Collaborative Artist’s Book).
1991: Kentler International, Red Hook (Group show).
        : B4Art Gallery, NYC: EXPLOIT/EXPOSE" (Group show).
1989: “20 Artists.” Ward Nasse Gallery, NYC. (Group show)
1988: “Transgression from Above” (Event), Ward Nasse Gallery, NYC.
1987: "Three Calligraphic Artists." Ward Nasse Gallery, NYC.
       :  Donnell Library, NYC. (Group show)
1986: New School for Social Research, NYC (One Man Show).
1985: Studio Show, NYC.
1985: “Calligraphy and Lettering.” Master Eagle Gallery, NYC (Group show).
1984: “International Calligraphy” Oregon School of Arts & Crafts, Portland. (Group show).
       :  Calligraphy Workshop, NYC. (Group show).
1983: Philadelphia College of Art. (Group show).
       :  Studio Show, NYC.
1982: On Paper Gallery, Lenox, MA. (Group show)
        : Philadelphia College of Art. (Group show)
        : M. O'Shaughnessy, NYC (Solo Show).
1981: TGI Gallery, NYC. (Group show).
        : Eighty Papers, NYC. (Group show).
        : Studio Show, NYC.
1980: Studio Show, NYC
1979: Studio Show, NYC
        : Studio Show, Philadelphia.
        : “A Show of Hands.” Broad Street YM/YWHA, Philadelphia (Solo show).
1978: Swarthmore College, PA. (Group show).
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1977: Donnell Library, NYC. (Group show).
1976: University City Arts League, Philadelphia. (Group show).
1975: "Society of Scribes and Friends," Bergen Museum, Paramus, NJ (Group show).
        : Maryland Design Council. "Design for Lit." (Juror's Award).
1973: Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY. (Group show).

1998 to the present: independent gallery lecturer and consultant.
2012: Consulting: The Jew of Malta (Film Production)
2000: Consulting, Harvard Law Library.
1997: Research Assistant, Dr. Barbara Weinberg, Curator of American Painting, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
1990: Vice President, Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC.
1988: Assistant Curator, "Robert White" Staller Art Gallery, SUNY Stony Brook.
1987: Editorial Assistant, Art Criticism.
1987: Curator, "Three Calligraphic Artists" Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC.
1976: Co-curator, "André Gill," French Institute/Alliance Française, NYC.

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