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our goals:

For the long term:

Encourage and facilitate political analysis and action among US citizens and their friends in Europe through outreach and activities, both separately and in common.

In the short term:

Encourage and facilitate discussion and action in support of an American progressive agenda:

Health Care for All

College for All

Minimum Wage

Voter Access

Justice Reform

Wealth Redistribution

Renewable Energy



Saturday, September 22, 12:00 noon:
Wien Museum, Vienna:

Moishe Postone: "Marx in the Age of Trump."

"Is Donald Trump the apotheosis of global capitalism or its demise?" Or both, maybe?

Thursday, November 9
Aspangbahnhof Memorial, Vienna

Kristallnacht Commemoration

Because Nazis have consequences. Details to be announced.


Sunday, December 3

International Baudinsday.

An inspiration to all those politicians who fearlessly call to be rescued by the people they themselves have relentlessy screwed.

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