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our goals:

For the long term:

Encourage and facilitate political analysis and action among US citizens and their friends in Europe through outreach and activities, both separately and in common.

In the short term:

Encourage and facilitate discussion and action in support of an American progressive agenda:

Health Care for All

College for All

Minimum Wage

Voter Access

Justice Reform

Wealth Redistribution

Renewable Energy

Tax Reform


A running list of progressive candidates. Find your own, and vote. Even from abroad.


Tuesday, February 8, 12:30 pm

Time's Up: Progress Not Patriarchy

Octavius Catto Statue, City Hall, Philadelphia

This meetup is to protest the fact that a participant in the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia was sexually assaulted and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is trying to sweep the affair under the rug. The DNC's Unity Reform Commission (the one initiated in Philadelphia by Sanders supporters recommends the creation of an Ombuds Council. At the DNC meeting of January 20, 2018 one member of the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee, the Committee charged with reviewing the Commission Report, strenuously objected to this recommendation, arguing that one Ombudsperson might tarnish the Party's image by bringing to the light of day unpleasant happenings (like, say, rape?) that might be used by Republicans. The Report next goes to the DNC's voting members as a whole, who may well reject it. Perhaps we need a new term, "Harvey Weinstein Democrats."

Wednesday, February 21, 7:00 pm

Our Revolution Vienna Meetup


Josefstädter Str. 66, Wien 1080


Sunday, March 11, 2018, 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Democrats Abroad-Austria

Hosted by SPÖ Neubau


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