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March for Truth Europe: Brussels

Saturday, June 3 at 5 PM - 6 PM
Schuman roundabout
1000 Brussels, Belgium

It is in the interest of *all* Western democracies that the truth is out, and that the US will have a fair and impartial investigation, for the pursuit of truth, and for the restoration of faith in its electoral system. That is why Brussels will #MarchForTruth too.

The purpose of our Brussels’ gathering is twofold:
* Solidarity with the US.
* More awareness in the EU.

We have police permission to gather at Rue de la Loi, at the "square" between the Schuman Roundabout and the taxi stand of the EU Council. Outside gathering from 17:00-18:00, followed by an “apéro” in a nearby café.

* Pauline Manos, Chair of Democrats Abroad Belgium, will explain why we need even broader public support for the pursuit of truth about Russian interference in the American election.
* Social media expert Nicolas VanderBiest will talk about the role of pro-Russian bots, fake news and hacked emails in the French elections.
* Social media expert Jon Worth will talk about the risk of Russian interference in the upcoming German election and what we can learn from the French elections.
* Speaker about controversial issues in the Brexit referendum & the upcoming UK elections (name to be confirmed).

XXI-36. Piss de Resistance.

XXI-35. Fun Facts about Science!

XXI-34. Hey! Get off my march!