Reviews of The Red Museum:


"I finally got around to reading Paul Werner's book The Red Museum. It's great—very funny and smart. Inspiring, too! Now I need to read his first book Museum, Inc.."

- B. D., artist.


"Paul Werner read his sparkling poetry... reminiscent of Osip Mandelstam."

- Tim Sheard, author.


"A firecracker of a little book; polemical, witty, interesting, and original, it will interest students of both museums and the politics of culture."

"Today... there are those who counsel withdrawal from the positivist preoccupations of "measurable utility" into intellectual purity, However, for Werner.. .the answer to our problems is not a retreat into intellectual purity but a dialectical critique of both idealism and economism."

"If I have understood Werner... Capitalism is as cultural as any other economic system."

"I find Werner's argument about price and painting to be persuasive. It was neither then nor is it now a function of intrinsic scarcity..."

"As Werner expresses it, the art museum performs classlessness as a mode of consumption."

"I thought the author's discussion of the concept of primitive accumulation was particularly interesting."

- Gordon Fyfe, Curator. The Museum Journal.