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Editors: Wölfflin Jack; James Jackson Jiveass.

XXII-35. The Thomas Crow Affair.

XXII-34. Ass of an Angel.

XXII-33. American Koan.

XXII-32. Make Artemisia Gentileschi Again.

XXII-30. The Woke's on You.

Guest contributor: Jean-Michel Tobelem. The Worrisome Decision to Increase the Admission Price to the Met Museum.

XXII-29. Wölfflin Jack’s Journal: Baying at the Moon.

XXII-28. The Good, the Bad, and the Signifier.

XXII-27. Jacques Villeglé (1926-2022).

XXII-26. Cynical Lackeys R' Us.

XXII-25. Ms. Felicia and Mme Marthe.

XXII-24. The House of Punished Love.


XXII-20. Jacques Louis David. Radical Nudes.

XXII-03. Allons-z-enfants!

XXI-39. Don't cry for me Documenta.

XXI-37. Debt in Venice.

XXI-32. No more but e'en a woman.

XXI-24. This Museum has no Exit.

XXI-19. Technoshoah.

XXI-15. Je suis Chartlie. English version.

XXI-14. Je suis Chartlie. Version en français.

XXI-13. Rrose Sélavy and I we appreciate the bruises of the indentured workers with their exquisite pain.

XXI-12. MaK attack.

XXI-10. A cuppa' Joe.

XXI-09. Burenwurst.

XXI-06. The Absolut Bourgeois.

XXI-01. Smashing Bumpkins


XX-49. The Universal Museumspider.

XX-48. October is National Museum Admission Fee Bullying Prevention Month!

XX-47. The Seurat and the Shitty.

XX-46. Art is born free, and everywhere we wait in line.

XX-45. What nudes on the Rialto?

XX-44. Brodskied again!

XX-43. Vienna, City of Red Utopias.

XX-42. The Museum of Mean.

XX-41. Masters of Repressionism.

XX-36. Occupy Bernini.

XX-35. Culture and the Crisis.

XX-34. the 1%'s solution.

XX-33. End Jim Corot!

XX-31. Hunk Science.

XX-26. You're a genius! Enroll now!

XX-24. The Big Kiss-Off.

XX-22. Le doute de Fu Baoshi.

XX-21. Photobolshewismus.

XX-16. This is your brain on art.

XX-15. See you at Sotheby's.

XX-14. Pre-occupy Museums.

XX-10. Typographical scoundrels.

XX-05/06. Horrors of the Wack Museum.

XX-04. The Culture Candidate.

XX-01-03. Drama Kings.


XIX-50. Driving Miss Crazy.

XIX-49. The price of bread.

XIX-48. A "Dear John" letter.

XIX-47. [Shiver]: Lord of the Dance.

XIX-31. Useful Idiots.

XIX-11. Officer, book this art critic!

XIX-10. Robert Rauschenberg.

XIX-02. The Fox Knows Many Things...

XIX-01. Last Tango at the Philharmonic.


XVIII-48/49. Le Salon de 2008.

XVIII-44/47. Bonjour Camarade Courbet!

XVIII-46. Down these Mean LACMAs...

XVIII-42. Bo-ring.

XVIII-37. Self-hating Critic.

XVIII-35. Museums and the preservation...

XVIII-34. Hissyfits.

XVIII-33. It’s the overvaluation, stupid.

XVIII-27/28. The MoMA Trap.

XVIII-26. Ooh la-la.

XVIII-23. Like flies to poop...

XVIII-20/21. A scram-bag for your brain.

XVIII-16/18. Smart Art.

XVIII-14. M. Nicolini.

XVIII-12. A damned, good writer.

XVIII-09. U.A.E.

XVIII-08. Carping Tunnel Vision.

XVIII-06. Omega Manet.

XVIII-02. Mercenaries of Culture.

XVIII-01. The Aging of Rembrandt.


IV-04. Rosler re-ducks.